Ready Made Boillies

Bulk order 100kg - £6.00 per kg

This offer excludes the Wicked range.

50-100kg -  £7 per kg

Up to 50kg - £8 per kg

Get your mates together and get set for the season.

Sizes 14mm-22mm  

5kg minimum for each flavour and size.

All boillies are available in pellet form, at the same cost as our boillie range.

For orders over 50kg, please call Clare for prices.

There is a minimum order of 5kg, which is free postage.


Payment can be made using PayPal, or cheques. If paying by cheque, please call Clare on 07989078741.

Pops & Glugs

(same flavours as our boillie range)
£5 per 125ml pot
(made in the same flavours and colours as our boillie range)
£5 per 50g tub
Bandit Baits Own Blend Amino Booster £8.00 per 125ml bottle

Pastes & Boiled Blocks

500g block of paste or boiled paste


Method Mixes

Salty Nuts

Nice + Spicey

Full Monty

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