To compliment our range we also do:

500g blocks of paste. This is ideal for wrapping around your hook or as an alternative to boilies on those days they are looking for something a bit different. These products are made out of our boillie bait range of base mixes.

We also do a 500g block of boiled bait. This is ideal for chopping into crumb and saves you breaking up your boilies. Available again in the same range of flavours as our boillies:
Yellow Birdy Mulberry, Yellow Birdy Honey Liqueur, Cheezy Fish, Toffee Fish, Cranberry Squid, Crab, Orange, Mulberry Squid, Italian Job, Wicked Jungle Berry, or Wicked Choca-Mocha.

We also have a bait rolling service, and can roll your bait for you. The costs are £3 per 1 kg of dry mix in sizes 15mm-20mm or for size 12mm boilies £4.50 for 1kg of dry mix.

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