Our outstanding frozen Boilie Range

Bulk order 100kg - £6.00 per kg

This offer excludes the Wicked range.

50-100kg -  £7 per kg

Up to 50kg - £8 per kg

Get your mates together and get set for the season.

Sizes 14mm-22mm  

5kg minimum for each flavour and size.

Yellow Birdy Mix

This mix is on our most consistent year round catchers. It is a blend of five bird food ingredients based more on the sweet side of bird food blends. It is used with highly digestible binders and proteins and has added multi-vitamins essential for a well balanced bait. As in all my mixes we have added amino acids and betaine. So there's no need for any further stimulants.

Flavours available: Mulberry

Sizes available: 14mm, 18mm, and 20mm.


Fish Mix

This is a highly attractive blend of four different fish meals. It is high in amino acids and low in fat. Blended with the same digestible binders and proteins as our Birdy Mix. To give it that little extra fish pulling power and attraction, we add Green Lipped Mussel, multi-vitamins and betaine.

Flavours available: Toffee Fish.

Sizes available: 12mm, 14mm, 18mm and 20mm.


 Red Squid Mix

This is one our newer mixes and has come through with flying colours, catching loads of carp everywhere. It consists of the same ingredients as the Fish Mix, but a high degree of Squid Meal and the best liver powder available. It also contains a high degree of Robin Red concentrate. Also incorporated into the mix are multi-vitamins, amino acids and betaine. This mix, like the Yellow Birdy Mix, can be used all year round.

Flavours available: Cranberry Squid, Crab and Orange.

Sizes available: 12mm, 14mm, 18mm and 20mm.


Ambush Mix

This mix has all the qualities of an all season mix. A hybrid of all the above base mixes. Better leakage of flavour makes this a very good choice for cold water fishing. The ambush mix has a neutral pink colour when in the water.

Flavours available: Mulberry Squid, Italian Job (new addition)

Sizes available: 12mm, 14mm, 18mm and 20mm.


Wicked Mix

This is an inexpensive mix, and is ideal for the angler on a tight budget. This mix is great for those well-stocked waters, and venues abroad where there's no need for a more expensive boillie. This mix comes in four mouth-watering flavours, all are proven catchers all year round. The Wicked base mix contains high vegetable and milk protein content, which as you will know, fish love to eat! All mixed together with highly digestible binders, amino acids, multi-vitamins and betaine. Don't be put off by the price, because it's catching!

£5 per kg, minimum order 5kg. All are available fresh for freezing, or shelf life. If you would like them shelf life, please contact us for details.

Wicked Jungle Berry

This has a beautiful mixed tropical fruit smell. Excellent fish catcher.

Wicked Choca-Mocha


Smells of a rich chocolate coffee creme. Smell this once, and you just know you're going to catch!

Sizes available: 14mm, 18mm.

Wicked Peppered Peach



An old classic back by popular demand. A good winter catcher.

Sizes available: 14mm, 18mm.

Wicked Coconut Dream



Coconut and a rich dairy cream, a mouthwatering smell and an awesome fish catcher.

Sizes available: 14mm, 18mm.


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